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The Definitive Guide To Understanding And Implementing CMMC: Everything You Need To Know To Win DoD Contracts and Squash Your Company’s Vulnerabilities From Hackers, Data Theft, and Ransomware

Cyberhackers are costing the DoD, its contractors and subcontractors billions of dollars each year and, in the process, making our country much less secure. This is why Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) is the NEW security standard. This isn’t just for companies wanting to win a DoD contract. CMMC is a secret weapon every company should be using to protect and secure its information. Because the trend is for insurance companies, state governments, and private companies to require their vendors to follow CMMC protocols too.

Rather than wait for the crime organizations that are paying up to $90,000 a month plus full benefits to people who will hack into your business, you must make implementing CMMC a priority. Without it, you will lose DoD contracts, stunt future business growth, and risk your business survival. We’ve gathered 20 top CMMC compliance experts to help you figure out which level of CMMC compliance is right for you and provide a blueprint to make it easier to put these standards in place, so you can secure your company against criminals, win more business, and create a powerful, competitive advantage.

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Inside The Compliance Formula you will discover: 

  • Nine CMMC key practices every small and medium-sized business (SMB) must have in place if they want to bid, win, or take part in the lucrative government contract market.
  • ​A little-known IT TWIST on how to save money and avoid overspending during your CMMC 2.0 compliance journey.
  • ​The UNDERESTIMATED RISK affecting millions of small businesses today, that IF LEFT IGNORED, COULD RESULT IN LOST BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES, FINES, AND EVEN JAIL TIME (and how to turn this into a lucrative opportunity for your business instead). 
  • ​The single most important thing you can do to significantly drop the odds of a successful breach. (Each and every day you go without doing this almost guarantees you’ll be breached.)
  • ​The pros and cons of different software packages to help you know which software is the BEST for minimizing IT security and CMMC compliance risks in your business.
  • ​The cybersecurity gap that is leaving you uncovered and vulnerable—and the four things you MUST do to get cyber insurance to LIMIT THE BURDEN OF CYBER-ATTACK should it occur. 
  • ​THE CAUSE OF OVER 90% OF ALL BREACHES and the critical six-step process that helps you successfully weave CMMC compliance into your culture to help protect your company from it. 
  • ​How to choose the RIGHT managed services provider (MSP) so you can feel confident in trusting them to have the expertise, the tools, and the strategies you need to guide and protect you.
  • ​The four-step process that will bring holistic security and compliance to your business, along with increased productivity, affordable hardware updates, and continuous CMMC compliance to help you win more high-level contracts.
  • ​And so much more! 
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Top HIPAA Experts Reveal The Complete, Easy-To-Follow, Affordable Steps To Ensure You Are Prepared For HIPAA Audits And Protected Against Cyber-Attacks

Medical practices are the number one target for cybercriminals. In 2022 alone, millions of Americans were affected by cyberattacks targeting hospitals and healthcare companies. Ransomware attacks are more frequent, more costly and threaten patient safety. Penalties for HIPAA violations can be a severe, even bankrupting event. Yet, to be right upfront—assessments revealed that the vast majority of medical facilities and healthcare-related organizations across the country are grossly unprepared for a security incident, much less to pass a HIPAA compliance audit. Even worse, most display an “it won’t happen to me” mindset. With a new ransomware attack happening every 11 seconds, and the average healthcare breach costing more than $10 million, companies with health information MUST improve cybersecurity and create a compliance culture NOW. Without these measures, you leave yourself and your company wide open to HIPAA violations and cyber-attacks that can result in prohibitive fines, penalties, devastating losses because of downtime, lawsuits, and even jail time.

Rather than playing Russian roulette with your medical practice or other HIPAA-covered facility, not to mention your patients, smart leaders take proactive steps to prepare for HIPAA audits and protect themselves against cyber-attacks BEFORE they happen. Our ten HIPAA compliance experts and authors in Compliance Made Easy present the NEW and critical changes to IT security, insurance coverage, and HIPAA compliance along with complete, practical, and affordable steps to ensure you are prepared and protected.

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This power-house HIPAA compliance team will reveal: 

  • ​Think you won’t be audited? Think again. Critical information about the primary reasons you might be audited and five steps to take immediately to MAKE SURE YOU’LL PASS WITH FLYING COLORS. 
  • ​How successful leaders get employees to embrace compliance and security and five breakthrough questions you can answer to replicate the PROVEN MOST EFFECTIVE compliance culture in your company today. 
  • ​The RIGHT way to create, manage, and protect passwords to keep cybercriminals at bay. (Miss even one of these requirements and it’s like leaving your electronic filing cabinet open, plus insurance will deny you coverage.)
  • ​•Are you POSITIVE your managed services provider is delivering everything you need to meet ALL your compliance and security requirements? There are managed service providers falling short of their HIPAA responsibilities, causing unsuspecting companies to believe they are HIPAA compliant, when they are not. Get a definitive answer with this effective technique BEFORE you find out the hard way. 
  • ​TELLTALE SIGNS YOUR COMPANY WILL FAIL A HIPAA AUDIT and the secrets to make it easier and faster to change from failure to success, even when you do not have dedicated staff to commit to HIPAA compliance. 
  • ​The NEW requirements insurance companies demand before issuing cyber security policies. 
  • ​The ten principles of PIPEDA Canadian companies handling healthcare-related information legally MUST follow. (If you aren’t following these, you are breaking the law, and in a position that can cripple you financially, cost you clients, and ruin your reputation.)  
  • ​The E-6 process that walks you through exactly how to create self-governance and better HIPAA compliance among your employees.
  • ​It’s absolutely crucial to gain employee cooperation if you want to be HIPAA compliant and AVOID BEING A VICTIM OF A CYBER-ATTACK. We’ll give you the steps to take so you can easily gain your employees' cooperation and turn them into a powerful front-line defense against hackers.
  • ​The reality is not if you will be hit by a cyber-attack, but WHEN. Discover the #1 MOST DANGEROUS MISTAKE hospitals and clinics make and what you can do NOW to prevent (or reverse) it from crippling your organization. 
  • ​And so much more! 
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